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Running the rapids on White River in Spring of 2013
Running the rapids on White River in Spring of 2013


April 25, 2014

The spring kayaking season is roaring down the White River outside Lake Geneva this year, with the resent heavy rains, the river is really ripping. The launching place most of the local kayaks take off from is on Sheridan Springs Road in the Township of Lyons.  Going north on Sheridan Springs Road outside of Lake Geneva from Edwards Boulevard the first two bridges are where most locals launch from.

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The most exciting run down the river is where the elevation drops 9 feet over a mile and a half. That is the section through Duane Clark’s  190 acre Copper Kettle Ranch which soon will be a Walworth County natural recreation area.


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County Web mapping view
County Web mapping view

During the tax-evasion trial of Leona Helmsley, a former housekeeper testified that she heard her employer say: “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.”

How much are two golf courses at ” one of the top award-winning golf resorts in the country and ranked as one of the 2012 top 10 northern U.S. golf resorts by Condé Nast Traveler” worth? A lot would be a good guess for these designer 18 hole courses at Grand Geneva Resort , unless you happen to be the taxing body of township of Lyons, Wisconsin where Grand Geneva is located. According to the Walworth County Land Information GIS Web Mapping Application tax parcel LNY0002 of 280 acres where the part of the golf course is on is worth NOTHING, that’s right zero. Grand Geneva LLC paid zero real estate taxes for it. On parcel LYN00003 where more of the course is located and has the airport/runway and ski lodge on, all 314 acres is also taxed as worthless, they pay zero taxes on it.

The following is a  list of sizable tax parcels  Grand Geneva, LLC appears to own and pay no real estate taxes on.

  • LYN00002      280 acres         golf
  • LYN00003       314 acres         golf
  • LYn00004        112  acres        east of water park and part of stables
  • LYN00005         18 acres         east of stables
  • LYN00006           3 acres         land on Hwy 50
  • LYN00007          80 acres        golf
  • LYN00012           14 acres        stables

Grand Geneva resort is more than golf, according to its web site it has:

  • 355 elegant guest rooms
  • Three magnificent dining options
  • 62,000 square feet of event space
  • High-tech amenities
  • Expansive views
  • Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired architecture
  • Spa + Salon and Fitness Center
  • Indoor and outdoor tennis and swimming pools
  • 62K square feet of meeting spaces
  • 7680 sq foot Grand ballroom
  • 13500 sq foot NEW conference center
  • and much more see their website.

    Main resort buildings of Grand Geneva
    Main resort buildings of Grand Geneva

Parcel, LYN00001, 80 acres, is where most of the main buildings and resort appears to be located, from looking at County Web mapping  site.This parcel is taxed, but the assessed value attributed to the property has a high volatility to put it mildly.

In 2001 LYN00001 paid $513K in property taxes, in 2012 Grand Geneva LLC paid $270K in property taxes.



    Accessed Valuations of LNY00001

  • 2001     $21.84M (million)
  • 2002     $22.76M
  • 2003     $20.M
  • 2004     $18 M
  • 2005     $18 M
  • 2006     $14.36M
  • 2007      $14.46M
  • 2008     $21.16M
  • 2009     $17.16M
  • 2010      $14.25M
  • 2011       $14.50M
  • 2012      $14.76M

The White River Villas

White River Villias
White River Villias

The White River Villas located next to the resort also have very interesting taxing valuations assigned to them. These are parcels NCW2 00001 to 00016 and NCW1  00001 to 00030. The parcels owned by people are accessed from $248K to $313K in 2012, but those owned by Grand Geneva, LLC are assessed at ZERO.  For example unit 107-4 (NCW00018) is owned Bruce Bowman and is accessed at $286K and paid $5087 in taxes for 2012,  next door unit 107-5 (NCW0019)  owned by Grand Geneva, LLC is assessed at ZERO, and paid no taxes.

Timber Ridge Waterpark

Lyons Township lost a recent court case over the assessed valuation of the hotel condos in Timber Ridge (TR) Waterpark, the assessed valuation was reduced by the court by more than half. For example parcel NTR 00028 was assessed at $180.1K in 2011, the court reduced the assessment to $75K in 2012. A reduction for property tax from $2701 to $1270. The court refunded $430K plus interest in taxes for 2010 and 2011 to the owners. The court ruled “Sales by short sale can be used to determine market value…”

The plaintiffs pretrial report noted there were zero arm’s length sales for Timber Ridge (TR) Condos in 2008, 2009,2010, and 2011.  “…The terms of the economic arrangement between Marcus Corp. with manages TR and the Condo owners has been very one-sided in favor of Marcus.”
“In fact the expert retained by the Town Pete Moegenburg, testified at his deposition that of all the condo-resort arrangements with which he is familiar, the arrangement at TR was by far one of the most one-sided arrangements in favor of the resort.”…”the prospects for any Condo owners to reap net income from the rental units are nominal at best.” …. ” lack of any meaningful net income.”

Lyons township, in a not to surprise move, did not appeal the circuit court ruling. In a small one “factory” town it is not unusual  for the “factory” to “own” the elected body. In this case the industry is tourism. The State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue is responsible for the assessment of manufacturing property in the state. “This was done to ensure uniform treatment and assessment of all manufactures in the state.”…..” The Department is required to assess all property at full market value; which is what the property would sell for at arm’s-length sale.” Perhaps this state should knowledge that small towns are not equipped to fairly assess large dominating tourist resorts and take it out of local control.

To add further insult  to the residents of Lyons, out the townships $1.2 million annual budget they gave the Lake Geneva Chamber of Commerce $327,920.42 in 2011 and $342,797.07 in 2012. The town has NO documentation as to how the chamber spends the money. The town enacted the room tax prior to 1994 so do not have to give any money to local chambers, as many townships in the area currently don’t.

In the past few years City of Lake Geneva officials has expressed a desire to annex Grand Geneva to the City.  Since Lake Geneva provides  municipal water to both Grand Geneva and Timber Ridge water park they should also be part of LG’s tax base, something previous City Councils failed to require when muni water was provided.  Grand Geneva has expressed no wish to be part of the City except to use its name and water. With the deal they are getting from Lyons on their taxes it is not likely they will.

The taxing jurisdictions for these properties are:

Information for this post was taken from The Walworth County Land Information GIS website and is subject to the following disclaimer:


The Walworth County Land Information GIS website provides online access to Walworth County land information. The information provided in this application has been produced and processed from sources believed to be reliable. No warranty, expressed or implied, is made regarding accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability or usefulness of this information. The information contained herein will not be accepted as an official document. Walworth County shall assume no liability for:

1. Any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the information provided regardless of how caused; or
2. Any decision made or action taken or not taken by reader in reliance upon any information or data furnished hereunder.

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a boy on his dog
Duane Clark and his girl
Padding White River
White River in Lyons Township, Wisconsin

The Copper Kettle Ranch owned by Duane Clark for nearly five decades, has given Walworth County an option to purchase his 190 acres ranch to for the purpose of becoming a natural resource park.

The property has one hundred eleven acres tillable with soil of numerous types. The farm was in the soil bank for about two decades.  During this period the farm was heavily involved in  conservation projects. The farm was active with wood duck houses and eventually blue bird runs with fifty houses on the soil bank land . Regular reports were made to state and federal agencies.  In just one hatching, eighty were recorded,  and they had more than one nesting.   When the farm was placed back in farming, new homes were found for the bird houses.  At that time, they were both removed from the endangered list.  The tillable land is now rented to a neighbor for farming.  Although the farm is located in highly a popular second homes area, it has been kept in tack and is presently the 2nd largest tax key  property in Lyons Township.

Copper Kettle Ranch Lyons, Wisconsin
Copper Kettle Ranch Lyons, Wisconsin

A mile and a half of White river runs through the property and its drop  of about 12 feet is used by local residents as kayak and canoe run with access on Sheridan Springs Road, in the future access will be from the proposed park.  On the north side of the river is 110 acres of beautiful rolling farm land and on the south side is an old growth hardwood forest.The woods were studied by Randy Cooper of Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources and forester for our area. He admired the umbrella in the forest and was amazed at the size of some trees especially the European Alders.To the east of the forest are wetlands used sandhill cranes as nesting area.

Sandhill Cranes
Sandhill Cranes lifting off from Copper Kettle in Lyons, Wisconsin

In the valley which the river runs through is a pond once used as a quarry that is a miniature version of Walden Pond. Next to the pond are two magnificent oaks, known as the” loving oaks,” for the way their branches intertwine and the two grow together as one.

The "Loving Oaks" of Copper Kettle.
The “Loving Oaks” of Copper Kettle.

The property has miles of trails that run through the forest and next to the pond and river.

The acquisition of the land for a natural resource park is far from a done deal, for half the purchase price of 1.91 million is to come from the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship grant program and the other half from the County. According to County Chair Nancy Russell “There are a number of county board supervisors who, because of the economy, are not in favor of the acquisition; however, they have agreed to the option and a public information meeting to gauge the support of county taxpayers.”

The meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 18th, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Government Center (Elkhorn Square). There will be information, videos, etc. along with comment cards. A majority of the county board will be there to listen.


In the valley

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the valley were the white rive flows


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Marina Bay pier application for 2.11.2013
Marina Bay pier application for 2.11.2013

Marina Bay Boat Rental after having their appeal rejected by the Wisconsin Supreme Court is now applying for a new pier which will meet the city of Lake Geneva’s 100 foot pier-head ordinance. The Lake Geneva Planning commission will hear their application on 2. 18.13.

The pier is in Baker Park and subject to the 1898 Baker Park Dedication.

Marina Bay Boat Rental case rejected by Wisconsin Supreme Court

Marina Bay goes to  Supreme Court

Marina Bay loses at Court of Appeals

Marina Bay loses at Walworth County Circuit Court



Original map of Baker Park Dedication 1898     Original map of Baker Park Dedication 1898
Original map of Baker Park Dedication 1898
North Half


Original map of Baker Park Dedication 1898
Original map of Baker Park Dedication 1898 South Half





The Lake Geneva Dam that controls the amount of water being released to the White River was reduced to a trickle, even before the DNR  has ruled on the Geneva Lake Level Corp. (GLLC) petition to cut off the water.

On 11.30.12 Michelle Hase DNR  Dam Safety Engineering reported that the DNR had yet to decide what to do about the petition by the GLLC to get out of the requirement to keep up water flow to the White River. The below movie taken on 11.5.12 and again on 11.25.12 shows a large reduction in the amount of water being released for the dam.


Lake Geneva News dot Com informed Ms. Hase that the water had been cut off . When we went back on 12.03.12 the water flow had been restored, much to the delight of a happy muskrat.

Lake Geneva Muskrat LOVE
Lake Geneva Muskrat enjoys the water being turned back on Muskrat Love
Lake Geneva Dam
Muskrat Love water flows again out of Lake Geneva to White River

Lake Geneva wants the power to cut off water to White River.


Picture 1 of 20

Lake Geneva shoreline on 11.25.12

Lake Geneva lakefront owners want to restrict water feeding the White River while watering their massive lawns and flower beds with lake water.

The dam in Lake Geneva was created to increase the water level in the 1800s. The current Lake Geneva Bay shore line was about 60 feet from its current location. The Geneva Lake Level Corp. (GLLC) got a permit from the DNR to build a new dam, which the taxpayers paid for, in 2003. The permit from the DNR had a requirement that a specified amount of water would have to be released into the White River to maintain a healthy ecosystem. In 2010, 2011 and 2012 the DNR had to force the GLLC to release the amount of water they agreed to, to prevent a massive fish kill in the White River. The beginning of the White River between the dam and Burger King is in a pathetic wasteland of its former self. It used to be a vibrant ecosystem where countless children fished, caught crawdads, and enjoyed a small-scale Huck Finn lifestyle.  It is not just this beginning of the White River that is being threaten by the greedy lakefront plutocrats, but the entire White River to Burlington that as of yet has not been turned into an ecological wasteland by the GLLC’s stingyness.

The GLLC is using the same old money trumps the environment argument, a drop in the lake level will “affect the economic health of the area. “ That 8 inch drop in the lake level will drive away the tourists (sic). The summer of 2012 was a great year for tourists and a nice bonus of the drought was that the water was exceptionally warm and almost weeds free. You see less rain, less runoff, less pollution feeding the weeds. If they were really concerned about the amount of water in Lake Geneva they would be pushing to stop lakefront owners from pumping water out of the lake to water their lawns, condo projects, and golf courses. The amount of water being pumped has to be massive; at least 50% of the lakefront is irrigated with lake water. Condo projects like Vista Del Lago have huge industrial size pumps on the lake.

Why do rich lakefront property owners prefer to water their lawns with lake water instead of municipal water? Money, it is a lot more expensive to use muni water  to irrigate ,then to pump an unlimited amount yourself out of the lake, and unlike the rest of Lake Geneva residents who want to keep up a nice lush green lawn during a drought, they want to do it on the cheap and trash the White River between Lake Geneva and Burlington to do it, during a once in 60 year drought; -nice.

The lakefront people get away with pumping an unlimited amount of water because of a loophole – the rich know them all. In Wisconsin agriculture can irrigate crops from streams and lakes, hence so can they.

Now the GLLC has hired lawyers and consultants to intimidate the DNR to let them out of requirement to release any amount of water to the White River. Lake Geneva is the headwaters of the White River, stop the water, kill the river. The White river is used by countless local residents for kayaking, canoeing, and fishing; it is also becoming a tourist attraction for kayaking. But you can’t drive a Cobalt down it.

The GLLC arguments for cutting off water to the White River are as follows:

  • Boaters in Abby Harbor have a hard time getting out of the harbor because of lower lake levels.
    Abby Harbor was dredged from a wetland. Today that couldn’t be done. If the harbor is filling in (converting back to a wetland) that is the Abby’s problem.
  • An 8” lower lake level will make the lake less appealing to tourists.
    Yes this summer the lake was cleaner than it ever has been and warmer. The tourists were running away for the lake is horror (sic).
  • Lake Geneva’s watershed is small for the size of the lake.
    That is a very good thing, which is why the lake is relatively clean (clear) in comparison to other lakes in Wisconsin. Less runoff, less pollution (nitrates). The lake’s surfaces area to watershed ratio is 4:1; most lakes in Wisconsin have a ratio of 40:1, just look at Lake Delevan if you want to see what 40:1 looks like.
  • A fear that the ice this winter will shift the pier cribs.
    Most cribs are usually 3 to 6 feet below the surface. If some idiot put a crib so close to shore that ice would affect it so what. You can’t outlaw stupidity. In the last 13 years the lake has not totally frozen over three years. Forty years ago the ice would always freeze 2 to 4 feet thick; you could drive a car from Lake Geneva to Fontana on the ice. It used to be below zero degrees F for weeks at a time, now it is a rare occurrence. Global warming is real, and it is going to affect everyone’s environment.

Why are the rich lakefront plutocrats going nuclear because of an 8” drop if the lake level? After all the lake is a very deep shore line lake, up to 150 feet deep in areas. Because rich people usually don’t get that way by having their head up their ass, and global warming is real, and is accelerating, and the world powers are not going to do anything about it except talk. They want to lock down the lake water for their lawns, and their flower beds before the rest of us wake up.

When the cost of litigation is less than the cost of compliance with a law a rational business person will litigate rather than comply.

After losing its case in Court of Appeals, Marina Bay files with Wisconsin State Supreme Court. Marina Bay (MB) claims that its business depends directly on the capacity of its pier to accommodate rental boats and slips. Reducing the length of the pier would cause approximately 40% of its gross revenue. In the City of Lake Geneva’s 15 year battle to get Marina Bay Boat Rentals, Inc. to comply with its 100 foot pier length ordinance the cost of compliance seems to be in MB’s favor thanks to a Stipulation and Order between Lake Geneva’s City Attorney and MB’s.  

The City has the power to fine a violator up to $500/day for non-compliance and seek the removal of a violating structure. When this dispute started in 1997 and 2002 that is exactly what the city threatened to do to get the violator’s attention. But on 4.27.2009 Marina Bay filed a Temporary Restraining order in a separate case against the City of Lake Geneva Aldermen who voted to force them to comply with the ordnance. Only a month after the Restraining Order was filed and before the court ruled on the case a Stipulation and Order was agree to between the Attorneys that permitted MB to maintain its existing 154 foot pier and continue to operate its commercial recreational boat rental business. And prevented the City and “any of its representatives or enforcement agencies” from imposing”fines or forfeitures” on Marina Bay until “all appeal rights have been exhausted, the City ultimately prevails in obtaining a permanent injunction which requires Marina Bay to shorten its existing pier to 100 feet, Marina Bay shall forfeit the $10K, and the City may collect on the letter of credit regardless of whether or not citations are actually issued. At that point in time, the City may also begin to issue citations to Marina Bay for any alleged pier-head ordinance violations.”

Timeline highlights of Case:

4.27.2009  Marina Bay files motion for Temporary Restraining order.

6.02.2009 Stipulation and Order.

6.30.2009 motion to dismiss individual defendants.

8.3.2009 Court finds city officers are not proper parties to any of these cases and dismisses them from the action.

10.05.2009 Court dismisses as to individual Alderpersons, only City of Lake Geneva will remain as a defendant. In dispute as the language in the order from 8.3.2009.

11.06.2009 dismisses first three cause of action for declaratory judgment, breach of contract, and injunctive relieve as to individual Aldermen and consolidates this case with 97-CV-325 (goes back to 1997)

4.12.2010 Harbor Cove is added in as a party. The Johnson’s lease the riparian rights for their pier from Harbor Cove Association.

06.15.2011 Notice of Judgment in Circuit Court Judge Race

07.25.2012 Court of Appeals decision and order affirming.

08.24.2012 Files with Supreme Court of Wisconsin.


In the appeal to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Terry Johnson, Pamela Johnson, and Marina Bay Boat Rentals, Inc. and Harbor Cove Condominium Association, Inc. bring forth some interesting arguments. We won’t bore you with the standard equal protection claims, but they do point out that “This case also involves the City giving a competitive advantage to a private business in competition with Marina Bay because the City rent the entire Gas Dock Pier to a private business.”

In 2012 the Republicans in Wisconsin gutted a number of environmental laws with Act 167. In the Johnson’s brief they state that:

Wis.Stat. 30.12(1K) (b) new law is a major policy shift with respect to regulation of piers in this state.  Defines the dimensions and characteristics of piers that do not need DNR permits.

The new law reads:

(b) In addition to the exemptions under sub. (1g), a riparian owner of a pier or wharf that was place on the bed of a navigable water on or before the effective date of this paragraph, is exempt from the permit requirements under this section unless any of the following applies:
1m The department notified the riparian owner before the effective date of this subdivision, that the pier or wharf is detrimental to the public interest.

2. The pier or wharf interferes with the riparian rights of other riparian owners.

In their appeal the Appellants (Marina Bay and Harbor Cove) fail to mention that they do not own the riparian rights in Baker Park where the pier is question is located, the City does.

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Marinia Bay Boat Rentals Lake Geneva Wisconsin

After 15 years worth of attorney fees Marina Bay Boat Rentals finally ran out of delaying tactics and prepares to come in compliance with the 100 foot pier length on Lake Geneva Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Court of Appeals upholds Walworth County Judge John Races summary judgment against TERRY JOHNSON, PAMELA JOHNSON ANDMARINA BAY BOAT RENTALS,INC., and HARBOR COVE CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION, INC.,

According to City Staff, the Johhnson’s are in the process of reducing the pier length and may move the pier to the south of the current location.

The Appeals Court gave the following summary of the Marina Bay’s broken agreements with the City of Lake Geneva:

Marina Bay is operated by the Johnsons and conducts its boat and
slip rental business from a pier on Geneva Lake.1 In 1983, the City adopted a
pierhead ordinance that restricted piers to 100 feet in length from the shoreline.
City of Lake Geneva Municipal Code § 90-142. In 1997, the City demanded that
Marina Bay reduce the length of its 156-foot pier to conform with the ordinance.
Marina Bay sued the City to maintain its entire pier. The litigation was resolved
by a stipulation that required Marina Bay to reduce the length of its pier to 100
feet to bring the pier into compliance with the ordinance before the 2003 boating
season (the 1998 stipulation). The 1998 stipulation further provided that if § 90-
142 were ever amended, Marina Bay could extend the length of its pier to the
maximum length allowed under the amended ordinance. The parties’ entered into
an amended stipulation in 2002 allowing Marina Bay to maintain its pier through
the end of the 2007 season and requiring compliance with the 100-foot ordinance
for the 2008 season.

1 Harbor Cove Condominium Association contracted with Marina Bay to maintain the pier and operate its boat and slip rental business from the pier.
¶4 In 2008, Marina Bay installed a pier that exceeded 100 feet. The
City sought to enforce the 100-foot requirement. Marina Bay sued the City
alleging breach of contract and seeking declaratory and injunctive relief to prevent
the City from enforcing the 100-foot pier length ordinance. Marina Bay later
added an equal protection claim based on the fact that municipal piers were
exempt from the 100-foot pier length ordinance. The City counterclaimed for
enforcement of § 90-142 and the parties’ stipulations.

The State of Wisconsin is well-known for its sky-high property taxes but the City of Lake Geneva has property taxes that are well above other municipalities on Lake Geneva. The City of LG is plagued with two afflictions that result in higher taxes, a large number of “rent seekers” and tourism.

Property owners in Lyons and Linn Townships have by far, lower taxes than owners in Lake Geneva. When comparing the municipal portions of tax bills to LG Lynn is 77% cheaper and Lyons is a staggering 87% less expensive. Though both are in the same school distinct as Lake Geneva their overall tax rates are about 30% less than Lake Geneva owners. No wonder why Lynn residents are reluctance to be incorporated into  the City of Lake Geneva.

At the other end of the lake Fontana and Williams Bay have their own school districts and have overall tax rates 39% and 36% lower than the City of Lake Geneva. The municipal potions of their tax bills are 55% and 46% lower than Lake Geneva’s.

Tax Rates Percent lower than Lake Geneva
City of Lake Geneva Overall    2.168     Municipal   .0550
Fontana Overall    1.322 39%
Municipa    .024 55%
Williams Bay Overall    1.37 37%
Municipal   .029 46%
Lynn Overall    1.475 31%
Municipal   .012 77%
Lyons Overall    1.500 30%
Municipal   .0075 87%


By James Strauss

Geneva Shore Report

A call came into the Geneva Shore Report today of a deer in trouble. The person on the other end of the phone was nearly unintelligible but finally calmed to the point that he could tell his story, the story of Charlotte the deer that thinks it is a horse.

Two year ago a doe was killed on a lot nearby Mr. Marvin Graaf’s country estate. Mr. Graaf, as a hobby, takes care of a dozen “rescue” horses. Mr. Graaf went to examine the dead doe and found a wounded fawn nearby. Mr. Graaf took the fawn home and nursed it back to health. He let the fawn run in his pens and fields with the horses to the point that the surrounding neighbors came to call it “the Deer Who Thinks She is a Horse.”

Two months ago a DNR (Department of Natural Resources) vehicle drove by the main pen for the horses and spotted the deer. A week later hey showed up a Mr. Graaf’s door with a request that they be allowed to euthanize the deer because no wild animal is allowed to be claimed from the wild without special permits. Permits which Mr. Graaf, as a private person, cannot hope to acquire. Mr. Graaf threw the DNR officials, with their guns, off his property.

The DNR took their complaint to the Walworth County District Attorney’s office and informed ASSistant District Attorney Rea of Mr. Graaf’s violation. They informed the D. A. that the deer could not be returned to the wild because it was ill-equipped to survive there after association with human beings for so long and because it might take diseases from such association back to the wild members of its species. The Ms. Rea issued a warrant for Mr. Graaf’s arrest. The Sheriff went out, served the warrant, cuffed Mr. Graaf and then brought him in for printing and booking.

Mr. Graaf is to appear before Judge Kennedy at Walworth County Court on the 21st of December to show cause why he should not be sent to prison for eight months and fined twenty thousand dollars and why Charlotte must die for Christmas.

The Geneva Shore Report has taken up the cause of Charlotte and her plight. We vow not to allow this deer to be put to death to serve no valid purpose. We vow to attempt to have justice reign over law in a case where the two are so fully distant from on another.

We have appealed to the DNR to no avail. The law is the law and as uncomfortable as it is for them they must kill Charlotte according to that law and their procedures.

We have appealed to the District Attorney’s office but they cannot comment with respect to ongoing cases.

We are starting a drive for all businesses in Lake Geneva and Elkhorn, the nearby cities to Mr. Graaf’s property, to carry signs in their windows that say “Save Charlotte.”

We have apprised both the DNR and the district attorney’s office that whomever sits in judgment and finds that Charlotte must die will not make this decision lightly. The pubic will have a say in this. We are appealing to the Internet to help save Charlotte. It is within our and your power then we might keep Charlotte from having to die for Christmas.

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